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Backyard Camping

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Over Labor Day weekend, we decided to camp in our backyard.  We were all excited for it.  It would be fun, they said. I don’t think we’ll do that ever again.

Not the backyard camping thing – we’ve actually done that a lot.  Takes a whole lot of risk out of the whole camping thing altogether.  I admit I’ve snuck into the house a couple times.

We really did have fun that evening, there was a lot of badminton played and I LOVE badminton.  I’ll have you know that my senior year in high school, for PE class, I was the badminton champion.  Undefeated.  I kinda think I should have pursued it because I bet I could have made the olympic team.  No joke.  But instead, I went with volleyball, which was oversaturated and I didn’t have a chance at the Olympics.

I love tennis and volleyball and badminton is a fun mix of both.  Easier than both, too.

We had burgers and smores, it was a great time.  LIttle drama, which is always good.

Went to bed without incident when the sun went down, maybe around 9pm.  I feel fast asleep, as I usually do.  I had a little wine too, so that helps.  The kids were tired out, so they fell asleep too (thank God.)

But then I woke up.  Tossed and turned.  Took in all the sounds.  There was still quite a bit of traffic noise, far off in the distance.  We’re actually not near a major road at all, but a busy thoroughfare is maybe a half mile away and on the Sunday night before Labor Day, you could hear motorcycles and cars driving way too fast.  Sirens.  I could tell it was still, well, night time.

I thought about a lot of things, basically figured out everything and determined to remember it all in the morning.  I never do.

Then it got quieter.  Mostly crickets with the occasional train horn blast (which I actually love.  I have always heard the trains living here in Atlanta, no matter where I lived, Midtown, Buckhead, wherever.  I always hear the trains and I love them.)

I’d hear a branch crack, and get all intensely focused.  Is there a serial killer in our midst?  Did it fall from that gigantic tree just above us and does that mean it’s about to fall and kill us all?

Then I heard what sounded like high-pitched little girl giggling, in animal form.  Coyotes.  I had heard that there’ve been many sitings around here lately.  They’ve basically clear-cut hundreds of acres of forest area just outside our subdivision to put up yet another grocery store.  We have PLENTY within a 5 mile radius.  But anyway, there was speculation that the coyotes were displaced from their homes there.

I heard the blast from what I believed was the 5am train.  The 5am train always blasts its horn way louder than necessary and I picture the engineer just laughing like a madman, knowing that he’s waking up all the babies within a 20 mile radius and making people’s lives miserable.  It’s loud y’all.  And we don’t even live that close to the tracks – maybe a mile away? It was especially jarring without a window pane to protect me.

Soon after, Kevin gets up.  “Where ya going?” “To pee.”  YES!!!  I’m ecstatic.  All I can think is that I NEED MUST HAVE coffee as soon as possible, and I’m relieved that it’s nearly 6am.  Kevin gets up at around 6am most mornings and so I think his body clock and bladder alarm is going off.  I also have to pee, probably have had to for a couple hours, but I’m terrified to wake up the kids and then have a real disaster on our hands.

He comes back into the tent.  The kids are still sleeping, which is miraculous.  “What time is it?”  Coffee time.  Coffee time.  Coffee time.  “3am.”  In horror, I (way too loudly) gasp “WHAT?!?!”  I’d been tossing and turning for HOURS.  HOURS.  I must have coffee.  This is so uncool.  So unfair. Life is unfair!

I’d had it.  I’m outta here.  I go in the house.  Consider a 3am coffee.  But know that I’ll be a miersable piece of you know what if I do that.  I chug some water, pee and go upstairs and turn on Dateline.  Because that’s how I always fall asleep easily.  Murder puts me right to sleep.

Not long after, maybe 30-45 minutes. I hear EVERYONE come in the house downstairs.  Oh crap.  I’ve woken them all up and now Kevin’s gonna be mad at me.  The kids will be over tired and miserable.  I wonder about what happened in the tent just moments earlier to cause them ALL to come in?  A mass pee break?  Someone peed in their sleeping bag, crying ensues?  That’s most probable.

They all trek upstairs, I get out of bed, but I don’t want to, but I’m convinced I’m in trouble, so I try to make an effort.

“What happened?”  “Coyotes.”  Whoa.  Ok.  I told him I heard them too.  But apparently they picked up my winey scent as I walked through the backyard and into the house.  Kevin said he heard them running around in the yards just next to us and more cackling – that weird high-pitched kind.  He weighed his risks and options.  He had no weapon to defend the kids if a coyote got hungry.  So, he got them all awake and ran them all in the house together as fast as he could.

We put the kids to bed.  I finally fell asleep maybe around 5:30ish.  He let me sleep in til maybe 8am.

Not getting any sleep right before a busy week (AJ would be going to back to school this week and I’m always more busy than I can handle) is not a good idea.

I love these pictures, these are the Before pictures.  But man oh man…I’m not sure I’ll sign up anytime soon for backyard camping again.  It took me a solid week to get over it and I still feel tired.

Thanks for listening to me ramble about it…

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A few favorites from Zsa Zsa’s | Atlanta Documentary-Style Family Photographer

My kids LOVE love LOVE going to Zsa Zsa’s house.  They cry when they have to come home.  They get homesick…for HER house.  I don’t blame them.  My mom has a way of spoiling them to pieces.  And of course her home has a million super fun things to do.  They live on Lake Lanier, and so every visit is sure to include a trip on the boat, a lot of swimming, riding around the neighborhood on golf carts, and much more.

Here’s a few favorites from the last time I was up there too.
atlanta children's photographers

Shooting in full sun can be a struggle but I love this one of my oldest.  atlanta lifestyle family photographer

I just love that my dad and my son have a special relationship – I honestly couldn’t ask for anything to more to warm my heart.  My dad had five daughters – yup, five.  Two wives.  His whole life, surrounded by women.  Crazy women.  He does have two grandsons and now even a great grandson!  There’s just nothing that makes me happier than seeing those two being able to spend time together.  atlanta children's photographers lake lanier boating

Love this one of my fishy-girl.  She was made for the water!  atlanta documentary-style family photographyOur day ended with a boat ride out to Pelican Pete’s for dinner, splashing in the fountains, and at last, ice cream!  My boy is still getting the hang of eating it with a spoon (instead of his fingers!)  It took him a while to even want to eat ice cream, as the cold really freaked him out, but now he’s willing to risk the cold for this sweet delight.


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family lifestyle photography

I recently made the decision to step back from offering client sessions to focus on my own family.  (You can read about it on my business page: Atlanta Family Photographer.)

Since that decision, I’ve had to decline several inquiries and that’s been hard – just one more?  Just this one?  It’s a great opportunity?  But no, those emails and phone calls have been rough on me and have me second-guessing my decision all the time.

But…the last few weeks have been….amazing.  Very low stress, as I finish editing my “last” family session (which I did last night.)  And I’ve been shooting my kids a lot.  I’m trying very hard to capture true moments in a creative way, as I develop the area of photography that I want to focus on: family photojournalism.  It’s actually, to me, much harder than posed portraits.  I have to position myself just right.  I need to be concerned with the background, with the lines, the horizon, the light, etc.  I can’t direct my subjects the way I’m accustomed to.  But it’s great practice.

I would read, on Facebook photography groups, that people encouraged daily shooting for practice.  But I was so bogged down with editing sessions that I honestly didn’t have time to shoot and knew that if I did, I’d never get around to the images anyway.  Or my memory cards were already full with sessions that were still in the process of backing up.  But it’s true- practicing daily and in all sorts of lighting environments has already stretched me and made me a better photographer, for sure.

Maybe quitting photography was the best thing I’ve ever done for my photography.

Here’s a favorite from my oldest’s birthday party.  I don’t do big Pinterest parties.  Maybe I’ll start, with all my newfound free time 😉 but for our kids’ birthdays we spend the day as a family doing something fun (in this case, we visited Zoo Atlanta – stay tuned for photos of that – so fun!), and then have close family over in the evening for a “party.”

Logan chose her outfit, and Kinsley followed suit – a Patriotic theme, which worked out great for Memorial Day (week.)  And AJ already had on a braves tee, so it actually looked like I planned it this way.  My mom knows how much the girls adore cards that play music, and this one was the best yet – it yelled “LOGAN!” when she opened it, and the sings Happy Birthday.  Hilarious.  They could sit and do that for hours…well, it’s good for at least three minutes, which I’ll take.

It’s not a technically perfect picture, but it has great light, emotion, captured a fun part of the day, and the presents on the right set the scene a little too.  And wrapping paper at Kins’ feet.

Hope you enjoy, and I hope to share more from Logan’s 5th birthday.

Kitchen Table Fun | My kids | Family Lifestyle/Photojournalism


The other night, my kids were eating dinner, mac & cheese and hotdogs.  (Which is my favorite favorite comfort food of all time.  My mom made it when I was a kid and I still, to this day, adore it.  I’m high class like that.)  Well, anyway, I had on my mom-goggles and thought they all looked particularly cute, so I sat there and took pictures of all of their silliness and antics.  photographers near me

I can’t really help the fact that I’m madly in love with that face!

children's photographers

So, while this scrunchy-face appears to be one of dislike, it’s actually not.  This is his classic silly face – it has absolutely nothing to do with his approval of my cooking skills.  (Because it does take some mad skills to cook up hotdogs and mac & cheese, right?)

family photographers family storytelling Family Photographersiblings child photographer

Well, since the camera was out, the girls run over and say “take a picture, take a picture!”family story-telling atlanta photographerchild photographyfamily photographerfamily photographercranecreekphotography family photojournalism lifestyle photographer atlanta-15 copyfamily photographers


My lens hood wasn’t on tight enough! (Hence, the vignetting.) family photographer atlanta

Wanting me to put the food on his fork…atlanta photographers

I’m guessing this is the husband telling me to stop with the camera and help the boy with his fork…family photographyAnd finally, his daddy helps him with his fork.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my crazy little life.


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