Well, we’re trying to be healthy….again…

We’re heading to the beach soon and I desperately am in need of a new swim suit.  I have one that’s ok, but, it’s not great and it’s several years old anyway.  So we went to the Mall on Sunday.  The Mall.  I’d rather go to my dentist.  No, really.  I hate the Mall and usually end up leaving in tears.  Such a dreadful place.

Anyway, I went, I tried on, I became aware that I have no business wearing a swim suit in public.  I think all the nachos and margaritas have caught up with me.  Oh, and I’m no longer carrying two 35 lb babies up stairs several times a day.  My youngest goes up on his own now, so my exercise plan is obsolete.

I knew I needed a wake up call, and that was it.  Oh, and trying on bralettes at Alter’d State in a size L and I couldn’t even get them on.

So, here we are.  My husband is a crazy Pinterest food-stalker and finds the craziest recipes and they actually really work out well.

This is a fun find, a healthy dinner and I loved it so much, I had seconds.  The 5 yr old ate everything.  The 4 yr old ate nothing (per usual.) The 2 yr old ate the meatloaf well.

You can find the Turkey & Quinoa Meatloaf recipe from Allrecipes here.  We did take the advice of a reviewer and added an extra egg so the loaf would stay moist.  It was REALLY moist before cooking, almost too much so.  But I can tell you that the end result was amazing – not dry at all!  The egg/juicy junk did seep out a bit during cooking, which looked gross, but we put foil down on the rimmed baking sheet so cleanup was easy.  Overall, a winner, and the reviews on Allrecipes pointed to that as well.

The Cauliflower Rice is from one of my favorite food blogs Kalyn’s Kitchen.  If we’re narrowing down to favorite “healthy” food blogs, than this is it.  But I love me some Ree Drummond just like the next chubby girl 😉  I took raw cauliflower and ground it up a bit in my nice Cuisinart food processor, in two batches, because you do not want to puree it, just grind into a rice-like texture.  Then the cauliflower was sautéed with some EVOO for a few minutes, then I added in toasted pine nuts, basil and parmesan.  And salt & pepper, but it didn’t need much at all.  I could eat a whole pot of this stuff!

The green beans were prepared the way I’ve made them forever.  I buy the beans in a steam-able bag and stick ’em in the microwave for 3 minutes.  You don’t want them totally done.  While they’re cooking, I throw a tablespoon or two of EVOO in a pan and add sliced garlic.  I sometimes add 1-2 T of butter 😉 But you don’t need to.  Then, I throw the beans in the pan, sauté for a couple minutes, season well with kosher sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

Let me say this – If you don’t have kosher salt and a pepper grinder in your kitchen, you’re missing out.  I sometimes cook at my parents’ house or am in other people’s homes cooking for whatever reason and am always shocked that you folks don’t have “real” salt & pepper.  Please get some, trust me.  Food tastes WAY better with good salt and pepper.  It’s cheap too – I buy a huge box of kosher sea salt at the grocery store for like $2.  A McCormick pepper grinder might cost you $3.  They last a long time.

If you try it, let me know what you think!  Definitely check out Kalyn’s Kitchen if you’re thinking healthy food isn’t as tasty or easy as fatty food.  I promise you she can change your mind.  I once ate ONLY Kalyn’s recipes for dinner for a solid couple months and lost 23 pounds.  I didn’t do anything else much differently.



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