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Here’s a fun before/after for you!  This is is one of my favorite photos from this Fall.  It was taken up in Young Harris, GA during our anniversary trip in early October.  The leaves had not yet really started to turn.  It was a terribly chilly and rainy weekend – not at all typical that time of year (I know since it’s usually gorgeous every year on our anniversary.  Our wedding day 10 years earlier was about 70 and sunny – utterly gorgeous!) When we arrived in Young Harris and took the turn off US 76 to Crane Creek Vineyards (where we were married and also where we stayed for the weekend, in their beautiful Vine Keepers Cottage) I couldn’t help but notice this scene: An amazingly huge tree with a tire swing hanging from it and a cool little red bike parked just up the driveway.  It was a beautiful epitome of childhood.  I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sadness, because the owner of that little red bike wasn’t able to ride it the entire weekend.  It actually stayed in that very spot for the four days we were there – lucky me, because on the last day, as we drove out of town, I had my husband pull over so I could take this shot.  That day, there was a car parked up by the house that I didn’t particularly care for, and it somewhat obscured the view of the tire swing that I really loved.   Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this one, hope you enjoy.

For the rest of my favorite pictures from the weekend, you can visit this blog post from my main site here, thanks for stopping by~


Hi, I’m Amanda a mom and one of many photographers in Gwinnett County, GA.  I love taking pictures of everything, but actually mainly take photos of newborns, kids and families.  I think what sets apart my work is that I love taking authentic, documentary-style photos but always look for an interesting and creative way to compose them.  I also am not afraid to zshuzsh them up a bit in Photoshop when warranted.  When I take a picture, I actually focus on “receiving the picture” and in my head I have a vision for what the final image should look like.  I love light, moments, emotion and connection.  My favorite photos are ones that actually make me giggle.  I hope you’ll check out more of my work at my main business site (this is my personal blog where I post about all sorts of stuff.)