I really enjoy messing around in Photoshop and even more, learning new tricks and tips.  I think in the couple years I’ve been using it, I’ve only barely scratched the surface of what’s possible.

Occasionally, I hear from prospective clients that I’m expensive as a photographer.  I take that as a compliment, thank you.  But actually, I think I’m pretty cheap considering that I spend so much time with every photo.  I do not simply press the shutter button, upload photos, press another button to batch edit them, and send them off to you.  I could…I used to before I learned how to edit.  But now, I could never go back.  It’s actually too fun for me!  But I typically spend about 45 minutes or so to hand edit ONE photo.  Might sound crazy, and I certainly couldn’t do that if I were a wedding photographer, but since I deliver small galleries of about 20-30 images, I can get away with it.  If I quoted you $600 for a two hour session plus 20 images @ 45 minutes a piece…you do the math 😉  That’s a lot of late nights because I spend my days chasing around three little maniacs (or cleaning up after them.)

So, before you say, “wow, your camera takes really nice pictures- what kind is it?” Consider that what comes out of my camera really ain’t nothing special.  The magic happens afterwards in Photoshop.

This is a typical edit for me, took right at about 45 minutes, and here’s the before and after.

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After raw adjustments in Lightroom and artistic editing in Photoshop

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SOOC (Straight out of camera- no adjustments made.)