by newborn photographer Amanda Myers

Sweet Smushyface!
Taken by newborn photographer Amanda Myers

Another newborn baby boy….another video slideshow birth announcement!

These are my favorite- and really a client favorite as well.   I do a slideshow for EVERY newborn client (and most of my other full sessions as well.  Check out my YouTube channel for all of my slideshows.)

My husband and I rarely pull out our wedding album (which was shot by the amazing photographers at LaCour Photography.  <—-That link is for their new business site.  LaCour is no longer, but the original owners are still photographing weddings.  My wedding was shot by Mark Adams and Erin Reed.)   But we do, every single year, watch the slideshow put to music that came with our wedding package.  There’s just something about music that pulls at our heart strings in ways our eyes fail us.   But the thing that makes these videos so powerful, is the exact thing that challenges me most.   Picking out the song!  Luckily for this video, the mama is a  close friend of mine and I had an idea of what she’s into.  And, duh….I checked out her music likes on Facebook.   “Classic Rock.”

A few of my recent google searches:

  • blessed by elton John meaning
  • john lennon beautiful boy lyrics meaning
  • sweet child of mine lyrics sheryl crow
  • ben harper beautiful boy
  • cyndi lauper all through the night instrumental

I also do all of my video birth announcements in B&W.  (There are two family sessions in color on my channel though.)   It just feels more timeless.   In this case, for Baby Andrew’s video, I had amazing shots outside with beautiful, soft light and vibrant, lush greens.   But then my other shots were inside and are darker and more neutral.   So, although I edited all of the photographs from the slideshow in color and prefer most of them in color, I chose to go with B&W for the slideshow.   But stay tuned for more color shots from our newborn session in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  I’ll post more soon!