bagels and lox breakfast recipe

We started a tradition a few years back (and haven’t even really kept to it every year…I’m forgetful) of having bagels and lox for breakfast on New Year’s Day.  I used to be totally grossed out at the thought of eating smoked salmon for breakfast.  My Dad would order the Salmon Scramble at The Flying Biscuit and I just never quite understood it.  But when in Rome…. In November of 2004, my then-boyfriend and I took a trip to NYC and headed into a quaint little deli-looking joint.  Nothing fancy at all, probably mostly locals were eating there.  For some bizarre reason, I felt compelled to order the Bagels & Lox.  WOW.  Now, it’s one of my very favorite meals.  Ever.  Being in NYC that time of year, with my new love, was simply magical.  It’s one of my best lifetime memories.  If you’ve never tried bagels and lox, but are good with smoked salmon, I think you’d be hooked if you try it.  Go ahead.  Just try it.

For the recipe, I used this INCREDIBLE homemade Vegetable Cream Cheese recipe as the base, by Ina Garten (every recipe of hers is amazing, right?)   You can use everything bagels (my fave) sesame as she suggests, poppy seed or even plain – whatever floats your boat.  I process, one by one, each of the veggies in my food processor.  I do it one by one so that each one gets chopped sufficiently small, but not pureed.  Be sure to use room temp cream cheese, and only Philly.  The generic stuff is just NOT the same.  Oh, and on that note – ONLY full fat.

We toast our cut bagels, then smear with a generous amount of veggie cream cheese.  To complete our little heavenly bfast sandwich, we top it with capers, diced red onion and chopped hard-boiled eggs.  Then, we top it all off with a slice or two of smoked salmon.  The salmon keeps all the toppings from falling off – although it’s prettier the other way around.  This recipe isn’t meant to be pretty…it’s meant to EAT WELL.  The veg cream cheese is so good, you’ll probably want to smear it on everything- it’d be wonderful in other sandwiches or tortilla roll-ups.

Hope you enjoy!


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