My dear friend, my hair stylist of about 12 years (I mean seriously, how could we not become close friends after getting to spend QT together every 6 weeks or so?) just had her baby!!  A baby girl!  We were all so excited because Elita herself is gorgeous and is such an expert on all things GIRL – including hair, makeup, fashion, etc.  She just HAD to have a girl.  She already has the second love-of-her life in her 3 year old son, a sweet, spunky Ninja warrior, Connor.  Even though baby Julia came into the world a whole month early, she was perfectly healthy, how amazing is that?  Praise God!  And I love that she was born on September 11th – a reason to be grateful and joyful on a day that mostly brings sadness.  It’s my optimistic belief that children born on Sept. 11th have a special calling in this world – a divine command to make the world a brighter place, and if anyone is capable of pulling that off in fabulous fashion, it’s the daughter of two amazing, kind and loving individuals.  And wow, y’all…is she ever beautiful!

I want to share a favorite image here, and will work on finishing the rest of them soon and post them all to my main business website (Atlanta Family Photographer | Crane Creek Photography) as soon as I can.  Here’s one I just love:

Suwanee Newborn Photographer


Click to see some fun photos I took of Elita in action, cutting my son’s hair at Advanced Coloration Salon in Historic Buford.


Hi, I’m Amanda – thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my personal blog.  You can see more about my photography business on my main website.   I’m a family photographer based in Suwanee, GA but I’ve focused my work over the last four years on newborn photography.  I realized last year that the photos that spoke most to me – that made my heart sing, were not the ones with posing and props…but the ones I took in the hospital.  There’s just something amazing about documenting a newborn’s first hours of life.  I know from having three babies of my own, each c-sections requiring a 4 day stay, that my time at the hospital was a complete blur.  I wish I had more photos of those early days.  I also adore documentary-style family photography and have moved away from traditional portraiture to capturing a family authentically and comfortably.  No posing or bribes with fruit snacks!  I feel so blessed to be chosen to be a family’s newborn photographer – it’s such an incredible honor, one that I take so seriously and am so grateful for.  For more info, feel free to contact me [email protected]  I serve hospitals around NE Atlanta, including Emory Johns Creek Hospital, Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, NE Georgia Regional Hospital in Gainesville, and of course Northside Hospital in Atlanta.