Hi, I’m Amanda.

I’ve figured out a few things about myself and how photography has impacted the way I see the world.

Every single person I meet is beautiful.  I see the world through Photoshop eyes and there’s no such thing as a flaw.

I pause for every sunrise and sunset.  Except for those rare gray, gloomy days, the beauty of the sky awakening and falling asleep is my cue to acknowledge the Creator of everything.  Even my kids stop me in my rush to make coffee, “Mommy, you forgot to say Good Morning to God!”

I love light and the way it falls.

What else?

I am usually dehydrated.  I prefer to drink coffee, sweet tea and wine.

I’m a cheesy peach.  (That sound gross unless it’s feta.  I think. Maybe not so much.)  I grew up in Wisconsin, which is actually gorgeous in June.  But I moved to Atlanta for college and became a Southern convert.

I live with my husband and our three maniacs.  No, really, they’re completely insane.

I think you could do peaches with feta in a spinach salad.  With pecans.  Yeah, totally.  That works.

I used to love cooking and entertaining.  And going out to awesome restaurants.  And then I had kids.

In May of 2015, nearly 4 years of working on this photography business thing, I made a very tough decision to step back from client sessions to work on developing my photojournalism style with my own kids.  It’s been hard.  But like most hard things, it’s paid off tremendously.  Already.  (It’s still May as I type this.)

I’ve gotten bored of traditional posed portraits for families.  Don’t get me wrong – I love and appreciate great posed portraits.  I’ve taken countless hours of classes by amazing photographers like Sue Bryce, Jasmine Star, Kelly Brown, Julia Kelleher, and probably others that I can’t think of at this moment.  But I took this class by Kirsten Lewis, a pioneer in Family Photojournalism, and my heart just SANG.  THIS.  This is the style of photography that I love.  I want to FEEL something when I look at a picture, not just see cheese smiles that were forced or bribed.   As I’ve spoken with friends and family, I’ve found that they too, love authentic, honest moments too.

But photojournalism is way harder.  It is.  Try it if you don’t believe me.  Now – just snapping a photo of a kid doing what they do – yes, that’s easy and billions of people do it every day and post them to Facebook or instagram.  But photojournalism seeks more than that, much more.  Light. Composition. Lines. Emotion. Connection. Expression. You have to have a lot of patience.

It’s been fun practicing…

But I do plan to offer family storytelling sessions for newborns, children and seniors on a limited basis.  I love working with clients and I feel like if I only shoot my own kids in my own environments, I’ll either get bored or plateau….or probably both.  So, if you love my work and are interested in a session, feel free to contact me at 404-838-8997, amanda@cranecreekphotography.com or use the handy-dandy form below: